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Trees near your house could present trouble if their roots are causing damage to your pipelines or the branches are threatening to cave in your roof. Out On a Limb LLC performs tree services for residents across Bloomington, ID and the surrounding areas. We specialize in tree removals of all sizes and take great care in ensuring your property stays intact. The arborists on staff are trained and experienced in evaluating whether a tree poses a safety hazard and needs to be removed or if it can be salvaged.

When to Get Tree Removal Services?

You should call the experts in tree removal if you have noticed that trees in your vicinity are crowded, decayed or too close to your home and powerlines. Trees like these can cause major problems if they aren’t taken care of in a timely manner. It’s important to leave tree removal up to the professionals because we are experienced in handling dangerous machinery. Our professional tree removal specialists are trained to use gear properly to make sure the job gets done right.

Out On a Limb is a tree services company that offers tree removals for the following tree types:

  • Trees Encroaching on Homes
  • Damaged or Diseased Trees
  • Large Oak Trees
  • Pine Trees Losing Needles
  • Dangerous Tree Branches
  • Stumps Causing Trip Risks

After a serious storm, trees may become damaged and crush parts of your house or car if a branch falls. In addition to fall hazards, trees that are diseased with fungal infections can spread the contamination to healthy trees. It could be that you want a pine tree removed because there is too much clean up involved when it loses its needles. Or, you may want to finally get rid of an old tree stump that creates uneven surfaces to walk on.

Call Tree Removal Professionals Today

Out On a Limb LLC Tree Services is insured and fully licensed to offer reliable tree removal work in the Bloomington, ID area. Schedule an inspection of the issue prior to tree removal in order to gauge the severity of the problem. The goal is to preserve your home from damage and the healthy trees in the nearby proximity. Call us today at (208) 945-3386 for more information or to request a quote.

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