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Whether you love a shady place during summer or firewood during the winter, trees an offer us a lot around Jackson. Although trees have a lot of value, they can also create a lot of damage. That’s why the tree care specialists from On A Limb care about trees in Jackson.

Our certified arborists help residents of Jackson grow, care for and study trees and other woody plants. When you care for the wellbeing of individual plants and trees, lawns and park become better places for plants and people alike.

With certifications in ecology as well as tree surgery, arborists trim trees that grow too close near homes, power cables and other hazards. If you want to know more about keeping your trees healthy during drought or fighting diseases, they have great tips.

Tree Care Professionals

Arborists prevent diseases, invasive predators and other problems from harming the trees on your property. Tree services can range from felling to simple trimming. Our goal at Out On A Limb is to ensure that no trees in your area interfere with power lines, houses or other structures. If a tree falls in your on a power line near your home, our professionals are available. We can remove dying or hazardous trees safely and trim fruiting trees to help them grow better fruit without damaging the ecosystem around it.

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For decades, Out On A Limb Tree Service has served Jackson, Wyoming with professional tree removal, pruning and other services. Our arborists are fully licensed and certified to know trees and ecosystems in Jackson. This training allows us to remove hazards and care for trees without hurting the wildlife around it. Talk to us today for more information regarding our work. We also offer senior and military discounts!

We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

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PO Box 306
Bloomington, ID 83223

Idaho - 208-945-3386
Wyoming - 307-789-2595
Utah - 801-430-1863

Service Areas

Soda Springs - Idaho
Montpelier - Idaho
Preston - Idaho
Bear Lake - Idaho
Kemmerer - Wyoming
Rock Springs - Wyoming
Green River - Wyoming
Evanston - Wyoming
Garden City - Utah
Logan - Utah

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Angie’s List National Arborists
ISA Rocky Mountain Chapter Certified Arborist


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