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Residential & Commercial Snow Plowing Service for Montpelier, ID

Out on a Limb LLC Tree Service can provide excellent snow removal services to Montpelier, ID.

Every resident of Montpelier understands that when winter comes along in Idaho, it’s time to bundle up for plenty of snow and ice. And while every local is used to driving and navigating on snow covered parking lots, a huge pile of snow sitting in your walkway or sidewalk can slow down your everyday routine. Let the experts at Out on a Limb LLC Tree Service assist you. Our advanced equipment lets us quickly shovel away any snow in your way, while also supplying ice and snow prevention and removal services. As one of Idaho’s leading ice and snow removal providers, we’re known for our excellent work in Montpelier.

Our Services

At Out on a Limb LLC Tree Service, we provide snow plowing, snow blowing and salting to the following areas:

  • Parking lots
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Decks
  • Patios

We make sure to only use first-rate industrial snowplows, pushers and removal equipment to service all of these areas quickly and efficiently. When our professionals clean your walkway with our four-wheelers, snow blowers or power brooms, you and your clients can walk and drive under safe conditions. We guarantee you a harmless, protected and spotless driveway, despite the snow conditions.

When you find your walkways covered in a sheet of ice, our industrial ice melts get the job done. We use equipment that is gentle on metal and concrete, as opposed to salt. They are productive in frozen winter weather as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Our ice melts are safe for humans, animals and plants alike.

Commercial Snow Plowing

No matter what business and services you provide, it’s important for both your employees and clients to have an easy walk or drive to your building. We can adequately get rid of both snow and ice on the parking lot by your place of business, allowing your clients to have an easy stroll right into your office. We’ll also clean those huge mounds of snow in your parking lot away, letting you and your employees park with ease.

Residential Driveway Snow Plow Services

With you and your family’s full schedules filled with your jobs, school and other activities, how can you ever find time to painstakingly shovel snow? The professionals at Out on a Limb LLC Tree Service can provide a safe environment for your family. We’ll clear your sidewalks and driveway of snow and ice, but we’ll make sure to leave more than enough snow around your house to have plenty of snowball fights.

Contact Us Today

Our driveway snow plowing services for both businesses and homes provides reassurance and security to many of our clients. Let us provide that for you and your home. Contact Out on a Limb LLC Tree Service today at (801) 430-1863. We’ll give you a free estimate on snow removal for your home or business.

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